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What started as applying sophisticated communication tools intuitively to enhance interactions with executives, peers, employees and customers, turned into imbibing multiple sciences. Today I curate their essentials artfully for you.

About Sonja Lang

Communication is the key

Today, I inspire corporate leaders and groups across industries, continents, and cultures through training and coaching of a crafted strategy of business practices and Eastern & Western sciences.

Through refined modeling and language techniques as well as profound presentation skills as a keynote speaker I empower people to embrace and roll-out newly developed structures and teach the high-end communication – “Influence With Integrity.”

I had a 20 year long successful career in investment banking until 2013. I traded FX Options Interbank, was in charge of product sales for five countries – year after year voted the No 1 in my regions – and I was even (as the only European ever) mentioned in the American “Orion” survey.

My unique intuitively driven leadership capabilities and communication skills layout a substantial footprint of trust people felt towards me, e.g., I empowered multi-located, multi-cultural teams while preempting problems ahead of time to create balanced solutions for all involved – internal and external parties and stakeholders. It is a fact, this kind of trust resulted in a multi-million GBP revenue stream, and outperforming peers and competitors by a factor of 4 – 5 became the new norm.

These high levels of emotional intelligence are naturally paired with my high analytical skills to master complex situations in a high-speed, volatile and high-pressured environment of financial markets. An example is, setting up a client business in 5 European countries from scratch, the creation of structured solutions with multi-variable outcomes in three dimensions, and the built and rebuilt of business during the financial market crises: in 3 consecutive years every year the top 10 clients changed but the same time, revenues increased by 50%.

People who created the campaign which brought the Olympics 2012 to London coached me and refined my skills.

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“Sonja has enriched our sales team with a set of new tools that can further support their communications skills”

Emad Ghaly
CEO, Siemens Egypt









Formerly, German, I lived in Singapore, fifteen years in London, three years in Cairo and time and time again in Indian ashrams for in-depth training. During my career, I more and more felt a missing link to substantially empower and influence an organization such that continuous and even growing success became a fact in a volatile and uncertain business world – which un-doubtfully was and is the playground of financial markets for decades.

I intuitively applied sophisticated communication tools to enhance interaction with my peers, customers, and employees. I realized there is more to discover, and without overthinking what is possible and not possible, I left the business and deeply researched what made me so (unconsciously) successful. Along that way, I was introduced to powerful techniques and tools rooted in Asian wisdom on mindfulness, meditation, and breathing. I connected this wisdom with the instruments of western sciences and became an NLP master practitioner and trainers’ trainer. That way, I founded Mindful Clarity in 2014, acting as a bridge between the corporate world and mental sciences.

The World Economic Forum in it’s Empoyment Report 2018 stated a growing need of creativity, originality, initiative, innovation, critical thinking, and complex problem-solving skills. How to we create this different mindset than during the industrial era? To function correctly in this new VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, the implementation of new “Internal – External Leadership Model” is necessary. It is an adaptation of an authentic and servant leadership style extending by two supporting pillars through my proposed framework of techniques in the Internal-Leadership model. The tools of the External Leadership model could support leaders in building rapport and credibility, making them able to inspire and empower the community.

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