Metaphors & Storytelling

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Storytelling is an essential element in keynote speeches, presentations, or sales conversations because it helps us to communicate with a compelling narrative, with a vision and a purpose. This holds true for doing pitches as well. In general, it is a vital capability as it helps to connect with the audience during public speaking or to tell our friends a story in an entertaining way.

A widely known metaphor for the conscious and unconscious mind is the iceberg. While the part above the surface reflects the conscious mind, the much more prominent part below the surface reflects the unconscious mind. That way, metaphors help people to imagine a particular way of thinking and perception about complex matters.

The reason why metaphors are so powerful is, metaphors help to get and to maintain attention, build an appropriate relationship with people, enables the other person to perceive the relevance of what is shared with him, pitch the communication in a way that relates to the other person’s map of the world and his reality. This is, learn to use a story where the themes and ideas expand during the presentation or conversation.



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