Milton Language & Meta Language

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Milton Language Patterns have a very positive perceptual impact in daily conversations. Today, a vast majority of politicians eloquently use this technique, and it is applied more and more in advertisements and sales pitches. Learning these patterns helps a lot to get buy-in, and to influence with integrity, i.e., in a positive way towards a supposed intent. Meta Language is the opposite of Milton Language, i.e., distinct and precise, and switching between both during a conversation is a further element in the high art of communication.

Milton Language Patterns were initially developed by Milton Erickson for hypnotherapy induction to help his clients to overcome their problems at the same time. Hypnotherapists are educated to apply these patterns in an endless sequence of sentences that take their clients into a relaxed and receptive state, ready to take-in suppositions to deal with their inner issues. Milton Language does not stop here and applies to the business world – no worries, nobody needs to be hypnotized: science reveals the language patterns also have an impact when we are awake. By the way, that is why politicians love Milton Language.

The patterns are vague and allow the listener to create a broader understanding such that he could take the meaning that is most appropriate for him, i.e., he can better hear the proposed solution and see the resulting potential. Milton Language is also handy for gaining rapport, especially if used together with Clean Language. An example of Milton’s Language would be: “Imagine, how it would be like to become a charismatic leader.”



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