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The components of Yoga affect different systems: physical postures (Asanas) affect the musculoskeletal system, breathing affects the heart and lung functioning, and meditation affects cognitive and emotional functioning. Yoga is the union of all three: physical, breathing, and meditation.

Breathing techniques are a starting point to achieve focused attention:

  • Focus at the moment right now and, g., which is useful to listen at your best.
  • It can also be a form of meditation.
  • Outward-effect: perception of trustworthiness for the listener.
  • Inward-effect: affects the mind‘s capabilities.

“In a moment when you need to think smart and fast, how do you expect your brain to do it when you starve it of oxygen? Breath in, breath out, think!”

The chemical composition of the human body is 65 % oxygen. Breathing is the most critical activity in life. It is the base of making the body and mind functioning. We consume ~45 kg of oxygen in ~22,000 breath a day. It regulates the heartbeat as we inhale oxygen and exhale toxins. It is critical for the conversion of food into energy. It is a natural way to increase energy levels. Deep breathing recharges hemoglobin (red blood cells) which is an iron molecule with a magnetic property. It increases electromagnetic flow into the body. This – like meditation – helps the body’s natural healing process. Deep breathing helps the body to higher capacity and endurance and enhances the structural and functional integrity of the brain. Diaphragm movement stretches the lumbar spine and pumps essential nutrients into soft tissue preventing spinal degeneration and chronic pain syndromes

Aside from these health benefits, breathing is the most fundamental influential factor in communication. It is the most critical component of physiology to work with because it influences tonality, words, thinking, emotions, and perception. Fundamental breathing techniques help to become aware of the importance of breathing and how to use it before a conversation, e.g., to calm down, to release stress, and in discussions to be more focused.

Nobody would disagree with the fact that most sophisticated breathing techniques are anchored in the different yoga practices of the Eastern World. However, one does not need to become a Yogi to benefit from this ancient wisdom. Some fundamental methods do in the beginning. Also, breathing is the essential technique to raise awareness levels, i.e., to be entirely focused and aware at the moment right now. That is why breathing should be trained as early as possible because it has such a substantial impact on how we are perceived. The same time, it is essential to rapport building.



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