(Client) Relationship Management

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“The salesperson of the 21st century is a co-creator with sound capabilities and skills.”

Salespeople today need to act more and more like consultants who co-create solutions with their customers. A key element is the need to become active listeners and to excel on internal and external sales with fantastic speaking and presentation skills delivering sound solutions in a credible and trustworthy way. As William Ury, a renowned negotiation expert said: “There is a good reason why the human being has two ears to listen and one mouth to speak.” The capability to truly listen of what is said is vital to understand people the right way and to identify what has not been said but expressed non-verbally. These are the capabilities why certain salespeople are on top of the customers’ mind when it comes to problem-solving and future shaping. This is true relationship management.



Isha Upa-Yoga

A simple yet powerful system of practices that activate the joints, muscles, and energy system. Based on a sophisticated understanding

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