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Imagine a person who feels comfortable in public speaking and is doing essential presentations with ease and comfort. He uses both facts and a narrative, conveys a vision and a purpose with his messages while entertaining and engaging with the audience at the same time. The audience loves to listen to that person and perceives him or her as getting across credibly and intelligently, and as being able to create an environment of trust.

We expect leaders to have these according to personality traits and capabilities, right?

Further attributes of an excellent communicator are: he demonstrates charisma, flexibly tuning-in into different personalities and listening actively and fully focused. He is fully aware of his ego, own emotions, behaviors, and body language, and consciously knows how to use all of these to get the message across purposefully and with projecting capabilities of his voice.

The excellent communicator uses metaphors and storytelling naturally. He builds rapport in no time because he can read the signs of non-verbal communication and use it to create a positive atmosphere of trust and mutual respect. He guides any conversation with ease and can explore the map of the world of the person he is speaking to. At the same time, he helps that person to be more explicit about her thoughts and ideas in a co-creating way.



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