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Global trends like digitalization and the hyper-exponential speed of change demand leaders to Command and Communicate fast, and with ease and comfort. However, how can a leader encourage the organization and employees to act accordingly? Three things need to be in place to make this happen.

The organization and employees:

  • perceive the leader as being credible.
  • see the leader as being intelligent.
  • feel comfortable to talk in a trusting environment.

It means the leader is capable of building an environment of trust and positive perception – he can build rapport.

In a conversation, suppose all shared information (verbal and non-verbal) is 100%. It is a fact: research tells us that only 7% of communication is successfully transmitted verbally. The remaining part is voice tone (38%) and physiology (55%) like facial expression and body language. It means, 93% of the shared information is non-verbal communication, operating at the subconscious level. Imagine, how much time is invested up until now to prepare presentations focusing solely on the wording (very much what we say and less how we say it), while (unconsciously) ignoring the other 93%!

As we are often unaware of this fact, body language and other influential factors are handled in the unconscious, and consequently, in an unintended way in conversations and presentations. Going into any discussion being well-prepared content-wise (‘what’) is a prerequisite. This attitude of preparedness is complemented with being clear about the situation, i.e., being able to anticipate different outcomes and associated emotions, how to phrase communication, and being fully aware of body language correctly and gestures/postures to be successful.

Influence with Integrity aims to empower leaders to unleash the potential of this overlooked likely 93% of communication and to improve the other 7% as well. It helps the leader to make verbal and non-verbal repertoire a conscious choice to achieve his goals in day-to-day activities.



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